"Your Premiere Micro-Budget Experience!"


TwistedSpine.com Films was created in 1998 by a group of blue-collar individuals that loved movies. Inspired by other independent filmmakers and productions, we set out to try our hand at creating quality entertainment on a shoestring budget. The philosophy is that the handicap of minimal funds can be overcome through creative original scripts, the use of highly talented actors and the acquisition of realistic props and appropriate costuming through hard work and perseverance with an ever-focusing eye on rigorous economics. We set the bar high on our standards so that every TwistedSpine.com customer can expect that we have gone to great lengths to deliver exactly what our DVD cover art promises... in EVERY production!!

Since the release of our successful initial offering, Transylvania Police Monster Squad , TwistedSpine.com has gone on to produce The Gobbler, The Deep Dark Woods and its’ award-winning sequel The Deep Dark Woods: No Witnesses , and most recently, Murder Machine! each with escalating casts, crews and ambitions, yet all produced within strict budget limitations that a local columnist once described as "enough to buy a good used car." The TwistedSpine creative crew has also taken the lead in the writing and production of the pilot episodes of a new Cleveland-based sit-com series starring a local cult-celebrity as well as contributed to helping bring the dark vision of filmmaker Brian Lawlor to fruition in his film Legend of the Melonheads.

Although the realities of micro-budget filmmaking dictate that no one can be paid for their participation in any of our productions, TwistedSpine president Ritch Yarber feels that the company produces what he terms "feature length resumes" whereas individuals are encouraged to use the high quality finished projects as showcases to present their talents to the world through their contributions to the success of the work. Dedicated and talented people have an open invitation through our website to submit headshots, resumes and scripts or to contact us with their interests in what we do. Many people that have contacted TwistedSpine with an interest in gaining experience in filmmaking have found themselves working hands on in one of our projects after meeting established criteria.

Knowing firsthand the hardships that micro-budget filmmakers face in gaining screening opportunities in which to present their works, TwistedSpine.com has, in the past, provided the TwistedSpine.com Micro Film Fest as a venue for fellow independent filmmakers to spotlight their films. Dedicated to works that were produced for $10,000 or less, feature-length and short films from around the world were able to obtain valuable screen time in front of appreciative audiences. As worldwide economic downturns caused TwistedSpine.com to place the event into hiatus the past few years so that we could concentrate more efficiently on our own productions, we hope to be able to bring the event back very soon in answer to the continued outcry from our filmmaking peers around the world.

TwistedSpine.com Films is dedicated to bringing an honest, personal face to the often-tumultuous world of independent filmmaking and to above all, provide quality entertainment. For over a decade, TwistedSpine.com continues to be your premiere micro budget experience!...