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WOW !!! We would like to thank everyone for attending our recent casting call and sharing your talent with us. We appreciate your interest in being part of our production. Notification will be sent out as soon as possible concerning the results of the auditions. Thanks you and have a great day!




All submissions will be held in complete confidentiality.

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QUESTION: When I audition, will I be considered for both projects?
ANSWER: YES, when attending an audition for any TwistedSpine project you will also be considered for any other projects that we have in the works, not to mention the one in the future. Headshots are kept and reviewed before all of our casting calls.

QUESTION: ... Your casting call says that you're looking for females (ages 12-17). I have an 11-year-old daughter... Would you consider auditioning her?
ANSWER: YES, We would defiantly consider her during the audition. When auditions are posted by Production Companies that say they are looking for someone 12-17, What they're looking for is the LOOK. If she could (w/ costume or make-up) like look like she's within the age range, most Production Companies wouldn't mind her auditioning for the role.

QUESTION: ... I was wondering what I should do to prepare for the audition?
ANSWER: There are a several things you can do to get ready for any casting call.
PRINT AND PRACTICE - TwistedSpine doesn't believe in "cold readings". Between now and the audition we will post the "Sides" (lines) for most of the roles available. Print them and Practice them.
HEADSHOTS - Bring at lease 2 to any audition you attend. You never know.
DRESS THE PART - Personally, I like to see actors that come in dressed for a part they want to audition for. If you'd like to audition for the part of the Farmer, find a pair of overalls, a straw hat and an accent. It really helps the casting director picture you in the role. But be prepared for the Casting Director to ask you to try it a different way.
BE HONEST - Plain and simple, you don't want to burn any bridges in this business. People tend to remember the person that said "Yes" during the audition, but on the set they find out otherwise. (Have you ever tried to teach someone how to drive a stick shift with 15 people waiting and watching?)

QUESTION: ... I don't have a real headshot, can I bring in some pictures of me?
ANSWER: Bring at least one that the Casting Directors can keep. FYI, If you plan on acting (for fun or money) headshots are a must. There are plenty of photographers that specialize in actors headshots and there are place on the Internet that can print 500 of them for as little as $100.

QUESTION: ... I have a scheduling conflict on the audition date... Would it be possible to read/audition another day?
ANSWER: First, I applaud you on your current project and success of it, so don't misunderstand my answer. Your more than welcome to send us a headshot. If we don't find the right person for part, then we consider headshots, and schedule another Call during the call backs.

QUESTION: ... do you need experience to tryout for these parts?
ANSWER: No. TwistedSpine started out as 3 guys who didn't have any experience, we welcome newcomers to all auditions. Been there and know what it's like. Plus, we cast the two lead roles in Murder Machine to two unknowns.