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The Indie Gathering -

August 26-28, 2011

Holiday Inn Westlake

"Why sit inside a Home Theater.. when you can enjoy a Personal Drive-in." - Give-A-Sheet Productions provides services to the home movie enthusiast. Not just a home theater experience, but a replication of the classic drive-in movie theater. Give-A-Sheet Productions joined us during our first annual TwistedSpine.com "Micro" Film Fest in May of 2004.


John Jakes Mose is the name of an exciting new band that features a diverse range of musical styles and highly textured instrumentation. John Jake Mose jumped on board with TwistedSpine.com Films during the movie "The Deep Dark Woods" with their song "Sandpaper" and continued with us during "No Witnesses" with one of their newest songs "This is not me" .

The Legion of Terror was formed in 1985 as a fraternal organization specifically to promote haunted attraction acting and excellence in special effects makeup. Partnered with the Broadview Heights Lion's Club, the organization's volunteer members have used their peculiarly twisted artistic talents to make Bloodview Haunted House one of the scariest and most creative haunted attractions anywhere.


UtterTrash.NET - Dumping garbage on the side of the information super highway since July 2002


TheyreComing.com - Two sisters who love horror movies -- good, bad, classic and current.


The Midnight Movie - What can we say... We have someone on the inside.



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